Terms and Conditions


Art. 1

The general terms and conditions apply to all stays at our Chambre d’hôtes, unless otherwise agreed and signed in writing by both parties.

Art. 2

The stay in our Chambre d’hôtes is a touristic one.

Art. 3

The reservation is definite when you have received the invoice from us.

Art. 4

The balance of the bill must be paid 4 weeks before the start of your stay.

Art. 5

For non-reserved arrivals or short term stays, the full amount must be paid in lump sum upon arrival. You will then receive the invoice.

Art. 6

Cancellation must be made in writing and is final after a written response on our part.

In the event of cancellation, € 40.00 will be charged at all times.

The cancellation will be processed according to the schedule below:

In the event of cancellation for whatever reason(s)

up to 90 days before arrival, the deposit minus the basic costs will be refunded.

between 90 and 31 days before arrival no refund of the deposit.

between 31 and 10 days prior to arrival, 80% of the invoice minus the deposit already paid will be charged.

10 days or less before arrival the full amount will be charged.

In the event of reduction or no use of the number of overnight stays by the tenant, no refund will be possible. Other costs incurred for and by you will not be refunded either.

If we are unable to meet our obligations, you will be notified immediately and the payment already made will be refunded to you.

Art. 8

Arrival time is from 16.00 hours (coffee time) until 19.00 hours (drinks time). Should there be any deviation from this time, please inform us.

The outer departure time is 10.00 hours.

Art. 9

Smoking is not allowed in the rented room.

Smoking is allowed in the outside area, provided you use an ashtray.

You are required to treat the rented property and its contents as if they were your property and to use the rented property in accordance with its destination.

Art. 10

The rented property and the other rooms are only accessible to the persons indicated in advance.

Art. 11

In consultation it is possible to bring a pet, but always on a leash.

Art. 12

You can indicate in advance if you would like to have dinner.

The time of breakfast will be agreed upon arrival.

Special wishes for the meals can be taken into account if they have been communicated in time.

Furthermore, the principle of a table d’hotes applies, so guests eat along with our meals and at our table.

Art. 13

Food and drink brought here should not be consumed.

Art. 14

For situations not provided for in these regulations, a solution will be sought that serves the interests of the tenant and landlord as much as possible.